15 Graphic Design Podcasts you should check out

I have to admit, I never got much into podcasting. I have no reasoning, but ever since the new iPhone update gives you the ability to download podcast directly on your phone, I’ve all of a sudden become interested. Never too late to expand your knowledge for design and social learning…
Below is a list of 15 design-related podcasts categorized by freelancing, graphic design, web design, tutorials and more that you should check out.

Freelancing and business podcasts
» Freelance Radio is brought to you from the experts over at FreelanceSwitch.com. Currently, there are 22 episodes available, with what appears to be a new one added every month or so, providing great advice, tips and resources for your freelance business.
» Freelance Advisor is a great listen if you thinking about becoming a freelancer and how to get started and stay atop the competition.
» Tweak! – The Podcast for the Creative Entrepreneur features 9 episodes focusing on ‘Quitting your day job’ to ‘finding your price point’. The podcasts are from last year, but still worth the listen.
» For Graphic Designers Only provides tips, tools and other valuable advice for your freelance or design business.
Graphic Design podcasts
» Design Guy is an ongoing 2 year podcast exploring “timeless design principles and explains the simply.” 34 episodes and counting to unleash your creativity and understanding for design.
» Logo Design offers logo design tips and discussion.
» Rookie Designer is perfect for the beginner designer or “non-accomplished designer”. Address issues of finding clients, using fonts and the importance of one-page portfolios.

Web Design podcasts
» Boagworld.com web design podcast is great for anyone designing, developing or running a website.Close to 150 episodes that cover topics that will improve your web skills.
» You Suck at Web Design offers a humorous approach to learning web design. A must watch, even if it’s just for a good laugh with your web design buddies. Also check out You Suck at Photoshop for an informatively good laugh.
» Web Design TV is brought to you by .Net Magazine, a popular magazine for web designers that covers all angles of web development and software.
Tutorial podcasts
» The InDesigner is a 50+ episode podcast that helps you learn and understand Adobe InDesign.
» Layers TV: For Everything Adobe is a how-to podcast offering free tips and tutorials for the entire Adobe Creative Suite! – highly recommended and is available in High Definition as well.
» Photoshop User TV is brought to you by The National Association of Photoshop Professionals’ “Photoshop Guys” showcasing the latest tutorials, insider tricks and awesome shortcuts. Every Monday, a new 30-minute episode is released with the latest and greatest Photoshop resources.
» PixelPerfect is an interesting watch as artist Bert Monroy treats graphic design as an art form. Pretty amazing stuff to watch.
» Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast is an ongoing video podcast covering all things CS3 and now CS4. Go check it out!
» Lynda.com Video Training is nothing short of perfect. While the podcast offers select free videos, the lynda.com site offers extensive learning of any program you could ever thing of and want to learn with a paid membership. I have been a Lynda.com member for the past year and totally impressed – they are the best in my opinion.

Miscellaneous podcasts
» Design Tools Weekly discusses graphic design software, tips and other industry news related to graphic design.