Do All Businesses Need Social Media?

Many businesses are still unsure about the value of social media and remain reluctant to look into the possibilities, assuming that social media is not relevant for their type of business. Some business owners are not well informed about social media, assuming that social media is ‘just Facebook’ and therefore just for a certain audience.

For some businesses, it will not be appropriate to engage in social media. But before deciding that your business doesn’t need social media, consider social media in the context of your overall business planning.

Regardless of whether you think your business is suited to social media, business owners should consider:
Social media’s influence on search results – finding your website is likely to become easier due to the influence of social media on the search engines.

Your customers and prospects might be talking about your business in social media, positively or negatively – you won’t know this until you listen. You could be missing out on insights and business opportunities by limiting your awareness of this activity.