Typography resource for all things typographic

Here are a few resources I have bookmarked along the way that relate to inspirational galleries, fonts, tips and other type resources.

Typography blogs

  • ILoveTypography – My favorite resources for all things typographical. Get for finding more type resources, fonts and beautiful examples of typography
  • Swiss Legacy – Another great full-out resources for all things type — Will find information such as videos, book reviews, and type contests, to name a few.
  • Le Typographe – Definitely not written in English, but I use it more as a “picture book” for reading 🙂 I’m sure if I could read it, that it would be extremely informative as well.
  • Slanted – Another non-English type website — serves as an online blog and magazine
  • Typographica – A journal of typography featuring news, observations and discussion on type and design.
  • Design & Typo – Blog by Peter Gabor focusing on all things typographic. English translation available too.
  • The FontFeed – A daily dispatch of fonts, tips and techniques and inspiration
  • TypeNeu – Focuses on past, present and the future of typographic culture.
  • Ralf Herrmann’s Typography Weblog – Great blog about all things type-related

Font resources

  • Da Font – well organized by category, supports custom previewing and has over 8,000 fonts to choose from.
  • Fawnt – a resource for high quality free fonts
  • exljbris – a free quality font foundry; limited fonts by higher quality than most
  • Urban Fonts – another large, well organized free font collection with over 8,000 freeware fonts
  • FontStruct – is not only a place to download fonts, but you can also build and share your own.
  • 50 incredible fonts for professional web & print design over at Noupe

» Simply the Best Fonts
» 1001 Free Fonts
» Creamundo
» Misprinted Type
» FontCubes
» Designer in Action

Quality (paid) fonts
Typography.com – the resources of all paid resources
FontShop -a great, high quality font seller. They also are a type workshop.
Veer – beautiful rights-managed, royalty-free fonts
» Linotype
» ITC Fonts
» MyFonts

Inspirational Galleries
» PicFor.me Gallery
» 60 Brilliant Typefaces of Corporate Design
» Type is Sexy: Part 1 » Part 2 » Part 3
» 27 beautiful typography-based web designs
» We All Love Typography gallery
» Flickr group: Typography
» Flickr group: Typography Friday

Type/Layout-related Books
Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students by Ellen Lupton – Not a book on fonts, rather the placement of type on a blank sheet of paper. Focuses on what font to use, how big, and the alignment, spacing and order of letters, words and paragraphs.
Typography 28 by Emily Oberman – Typography annual devoted to typography and present the “finest work in the field for the year 2007″.
Designing with Type: The Essential Guide to Typography by James Craig – Much like Ellen Lupton’s book, DWT includes the development of written language and ends with a glossary of terms.
Getting It Right With Type: The Dos and Don’ts of Typography by Victoria Squire
Includes tips, a glossary explaining typographic terms and keyboard shortcuts
The Layout Look Book by Max Weber – A book about enhancing layout with excellent examples
Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop by Timothy Samara – One of my favorite books discussing the importance of layout and how essential it is to communication.

Miscellaneous resources
» Typography tips and advice for graphic design students
» Typography Crash Course Roundup
» Five simple steps to better typography
» Top 10 typefaces used by book design winners
» 20 typefaces to start a designer’s career
» What the Font — helps you identify fonts
» 30 fonts all designers must know & should own

What are your thoughts?
Feel free to comment on your favorite article or book? Share your thoughts on the above resources or where you go for typography tips and inspiration.