Should I Have A Blog?

Should I Have A Blog?

When this question gets asked, we actually think that is not the right question to ask. The reason for that is that simply ‘having a blog’ on your website will generate no benefits whatsoever if it is not done correctly.

There are both pros and cons in having a blog on your website, and despite what many business owners think, there is a lot more to a blog than just writing a few paragraphs every now and then. That might be ok for a private blog, but not one that is going to be associated with your business.

The first question that should be asked is ‘What purpose will a blog on your website serve?’. It can have many reasons to exist, and if it is going to be an exceptional blog then it will achieve several of them.

It should provide valuable and useful information that not only can be used by those who read it, but is so good, that they wish to visit your blog again to read more of it. Better than that is if they share your blogs posts by lining to them on their social media accounts.

On that note, it goes without saying that what you write should be as relevant as possible to your business. There no point in writing about your favourite ski resorts in Europe, if you are a local plumber. You’ll also need to add new content to your blog on a regular basis, and if your resources allow, several times a day if possible.

Blog content doesn’t need to be all text. You can add videos, audios, or images, and make posts that include several types of media. Again, this is all about engaging with your website visitors and creating content that makes them want to return. As they do, their loyalty to you and your brand should increase, and when it does, it is more likely they are going to buy your products or services when the time comes to do so.

A blog is also a great way to establish yourself, and your business, as an authority within your local community, or within your niche. It allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and experience and lets people see that you have credibility, which goes a long way to building trust.

Finally, no discussion about blogs could ignore the advantage it gives you with regards to SEO and helping your website climb the rankings. Every post you make is content Google sees but more than that, there is the metadata, opportunities to build links, and the fact that visitors remaining on your blog tells Google your website is one that people like.