Mobile Marketing Strategies for the Smartphone Era

Hey there, digital marketers and business owners! Ready to dive into the world of mobile marketing? Grab your smartphone (as if it’s not already in your hand) and get comfortable, because we’re about to explore how you can leverage the power of mobile to skyrocket your marketing efforts.

Before we jump in, let me share a quick story. Last year, I worked with a local coffee shop chain – let’s call it Bean Scene. The owner, Maria, was struggling to connect with younger customers and drive foot traffic to her shops. Fast forward six months, and her mobile-first marketing approach had increased in-store visits by 75% and boosted sales by 50%. How’d we do it? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.

  1. Understanding the Mobile Landscape: Why Mobile Matters

First things first, let’s talk about why mobile marketing is so crucial in today’s digital landscape. According to Statista, there are over 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide as of 2022. That’s 83.72% of the world’s population walking around with a mini-computer in their pocket!

Here are some more mind-blowing stats:

For Bean Scene, we realized that their target audience of young professionals and students were practically glued to their smartphones. This insight formed the foundation of our mobile marketing strategy.

The Game-Changer in Web Design: The Critical Role of Responsive Web Design

Welcome to the buzzing world of digital presence, where your website is like your digital handshake. At Brian Hoff Web Design & Digital Marketing, we’re all about nailing that first impression with top-notch responsive web design. So, let’s chat about why this is a big deal for your business, especially if you’re around New Jersey.

What’s Responsive Web Design Anyway?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is like having a magic wand that makes your website look awesome on any gadget – from a giant desktop screen to the smartphone in your pocket. It’s all about making sure your visitors get a smooth ride, no matter how they swing by your site.

How to Choose a Web Design Company?

If you’re on the hunt for a web design company in New Jersey or around, you’ve got some thinking to do. It’s not just about finding someone who can make your website look good – it’s about finding the right fit for your unique business. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Why User Experience (UX) is a Big Deal

First things first: UX is king. A clunky, hard-to-navigate website? Big no-no. We at Brian Hoff Web Design & Digital Marketing live by this rule. Take Sarah’s local boutique, for example. Once we spruced up her website with a UX-focused redesign, her customers loved sticking around longer, and her site stats soared.

Everything you need to know about web design and the user experience

Creating a high-quality, attractive website is a process that takes time and skill. The best web designers in the world have years of experience, and they share one thing in common – they prioritize constant learning as a way to keep up with a rapidly evolving and changing industry.

As the digital landscape changes, so do the best web design principles and practices. Industry standards are constantly evolving, and things that were important in the past just aren’t relevant anymore.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a short collection of things you need to know about web design, the user experience (UX), and how the two are related.

Why Is it Important to Prioritize the User Experience?

The UX is one of the most important considerations when designing a new website. If your site isn’t user friendly, people simply won’t want to visit it, and you will see high bounce rates and negative performance stats.

By prioritising the UX, it becomes increasingly easy to encourage visitors to stay and browse your website. At the end of the day, this should be your main goal. Not only will it result in more leads and a higher conversion rate, but things like high visitor retention times and low bounce rates are positively correlated with improved search engine rankings.

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3 Different Business Structures Suitable For Web Designers

For web designers in Australia who wish to take their skills and use them to create a business, several decisions must be made as part of that process. Perhaps the most important, and the one that will define the legal status of their web design business, is what business structure they will use.

The choice will most likely be one of three legal business structures: sole trader, partnership, or company. Each has different characteristics and essential variations in its legal status, which web designers should be aware of. To that end, we have outlined the details of all three below.

Sole Trader

Becoming a sole trader is the simplest business structure of the three options. Often referred to as sole proprietor, to become a sole trader, you must first obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN). Next, you need to register the name of your business, which can be your name or a business name that has not been previously used by another business.

Although having a separate bank account from your personal statement is not required, it is highly recommended as it allows you to track your business’s income and outgoings, especially when it comes time to finalize your accounts for tax purposes. Again, although not mandatory, you should also take out business insurance.

The reason for that previous suggestion is that as a sole trader, you are personally responsible for the unlimited liabilities of your business, including debts, meaning your personal assets could be at risk. Also, if someone takes legal action, it is you who the subject to any penalties, and again is where insurance can protect you.

Top SEO Tips For Your WordPress eCommerce Store

Building a WordPress eCommerce store may seem like fun and games to begin with, but things can soon turn ugly when you find that you’re receiving little to no traffic and no return on your initial investment. Luckily, simply tweaking a few things can dramatically improve your search engine scores, helping your website appear higher in the relevant search engine results pages.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) done properly by an experienced SEO agency involves hundreds of different factors related to all aspects of your website and its global performance. In this article you will learn about a few simple things that you can do to boost the SEO score of your WordPress eCommerce store.

Make Sure You Include Well Written Product Descriptions
If you don’t include product descriptions, then it’s hard for search engines to understand what you’re website’s really about. If they don’t know what your website’s about, then they won’t be able to place you on the relevant search engine results pages.

Make sure that you write high quality product descriptions that describe your products and which are free from spelling or grammar mistakes. It’s usually a good idea to include a few keywords, and to emphasise them by placing them near the start of the description.

Lessons To Be Learnt From Digital Marketing Faux Pas Made By Corporate Giants

One of the reasons many small and local business owners fail to embark on any kind of seo or digital marketing campaign is they feel that they cannot compete with larger companies and corporations that do. We will state upfront and categorically that digital marketing can work for every business, regardless of its size or its status.

There is also a myth that the giants in the corporate are untouchable and that the multi-million dollar budget they have allows them to create perfect marketing and advertising campaigns with the help of some of the most successful marketing agencies in the world. Whilst large budgets and having access to the best marketing minds undoubtedly helps, it most certainly does not make them infallible.

To prove that point, we are going to highlight three of the biggest marketing blunders made by corporate giants. This will prove that they are far from perfect when it comes to digital marketing and hopefully will also ensure that you do not make similar mistakes.

How To Ensure Your Family Lawyers Business Keeps Client Data Secure

Undoubtedly, you and any other Perth family lawyers will have substantial knowledge of family law and any regulations pertaining to it. However, what is your knowledge of the law in other legal areas such as commercial and criminal law? In particular, are you aware of the legal issues that pertain to the data you hold concerning your clients?

We ask that, not to throw doubt upon your legal expertise and experience, but rather, to help ensure that your family lawyers business is completely risk-free of any potential legal and criminal repercussions as a result of your clients’ data becoming compromised.

It only takes minimal research online to discover that there have been many businesses who have had to suffer the consequences of poor data security, with the worst cases resulting in a business having to close down due to financial penalties and damage to its reputation. Not for a second are we suggesting that is going to happen to your family lawyers business, but it is better to take action to protect against the worst happening, than trying to rescue the situation after it does.

Why Using Google Ads Can Grow Client Numbers For Your Family Lawyers Business

It is a basic tenet of any Family Lawyer business that, unless it has a means of attracting and securing new clients, its prospects for the future are pretty grim. Given the nature of what they do, as each client’s case is resolved, their need to retain the services of their family lawyers and thus pay ongoing fees comes to an end. As such, that family lawyers business needs a new client to take their place.

If they fail to do so, there will come a point when the revenue from fees diminishes to a point where the viability of that family lawyers business is in jeopardy. However, there is a simple solution which is to market the business to attract new clients, and one of the most effective ways that can be done is by using Google Ads.

Google Ads has been around for some and some of you reading this might remember it being called Google AdWords in the past. In simple terms, the basis of Google Ads is that advertisers pay an amount for each person that clicks on an ad they have created or for every thousand people who see their ad.

3 Ways You Can Enhance The Onsite SEO Of Your Landscape Design Website

Given the competitive nature of local business, anything which can give you an edge over your competition has to be embraced, and that applies to landscape architecture firms as much as it applies to any other kind of business. If you are looking for some method of truly rising above your competitors, in the sense that you outrank them on Google, then the advice from a professional SEO company is to focus on improving your onsite SEO.

Anyone reading this will either have already tried SEO, or never attempted it, however, what we are going to outline in this article applies to both. You see, no matter how much SEO you may have already attempted, there is always room for improvement, and that is especially the case when your competitors are also trying to rank highly on Google.

We are going segment the onsite optimisation into three categories, and within each of these will be several specific tasks. None are especially difficult, however, you need to approach them methodically. There is no point in jumping from one optimisation to then next as this soon becomes confusing and disorganised. Instead, plan it logically and at a pace that does not mean your SEO efforts distract you from running your business on a daily basis.

#1: Carry Out A Complete SEO Audit

The first and most obvious way you can improve your SEO is to carry out a thorough audit of your onsite optimisation and make any adjustments and fixes which are necessary. The primary elements that you want to check include the metadata throughout your website plus all the internal linking.