3 Ways You Can Enhance The Onsite SEO Of Your Landscape Design Website

Given the competitive nature of local business, anything which can give you an edge over your competition has to be embraced, and that applies to landscape architecture firms as much as it applies to any other kind of business. If you are looking for some method of truly rising above your competitors, in the sense that you outrank them on Google, then the advice from a professional SEO company is to focus on improving your onsite SEO.

Anyone reading this will either have already tried SEO, or never attempted it, however, what we are going to outline in this article applies to both. You see, no matter how much SEO you may have already attempted, there is always room for improvement, and that is especially the case when your competitors are also trying to rank highly on Google.

We are going segment the onsite optimisation into three categories, and within each of these will be several specific tasks. None are especially difficult, however, you need to approach them methodically. There is no point in jumping from one optimisation to then next as this soon becomes confusing and disorganised. Instead, plan it logically and at a pace that does not mean your SEO efforts distract you from running your business on a daily basis.

#1: Carry Out A Complete SEO Audit

The first and most obvious way you can improve your SEO is to carry out a thorough audit of your onsite optimisation and make any adjustments and fixes which are necessary. The primary elements that you want to check include the metadata throughout your website plus all the internal linking.