Why Using Google Ads Can Grow Client Numbers For Your Family Lawyers Business

Why Using Google Ads Can Grow Client Numbers For Your Family Lawyers Business

It is a basic tenet of any Family Lawyer business that, unless it has a means of attracting and securing new clients, its prospects for the future are pretty grim. Given the nature of what they do, as each client’s case is resolved, their need to retain the services of their family lawyers and thus pay ongoing fees comes to an end. As such, that family lawyers business needs a new client to take their place.

If they fail to do so, there will come a point when the revenue from fees diminishes to a point where the viability of that family lawyers business is in jeopardy. However, there is a simple solution which is to market the business to attract new clients, and one of the most effective ways that can be done is by using Google Ads.

Google Ads has been around for some and some of you reading this might remember it being called Google AdWords in the past. In simple terms, the basis of Google Ads is that advertisers pay an amount for each person that clicks on an ad they have created or for every thousand people who see their ad.

Hopefully, each of these concepts seems pretty simple, and in truth, they are. However, the whole process of creating an ad and further to that, having an ad that is successful and generating an acceptable return on ad spend investment, is far more involved. That being said, once you get it right, Google Ads can transform the success of any business, and that most certainly includes family lawyers.

The first step in creating the ideal scenario we have just described is to set an objective for your Google Ads. This will vary depending on the business in question, but in the case of family lawyers, the objective is most likely to be getting potential clients to a website and connecting with family lawyers in some way. This could be a telephone call or filling in a contact form so that someone from the family lawyers can contact them.

This objective setting step is critical because if no specific objective is set, then when setting up the ad you have no basis upon which its performance can be measured. In other words, with no objective the keyword to be targeted cannot be determined, the target audience cannot be identified, the appropriate ad copy cannot be written, the ad placement cannot be decided upon, and a sensible budget cannot be set.

From what we have just explained we hope that the importance of setting the objective for your Google Ads campaign is clear. If so, then all the additional steps through to your ad going live will not only be easier, but more importantly, they will have a greater positive effect on the performance of your ad.

Once your ad is live, you can also seek to improve it by tweaking your audience, your ad copy, and your budget. This is a process you should do continually. As each improvement brings more traffic to your website, the ROI from Google Ads should also increase. Better still. Google Ads can be switched on and off at any time you wish so whenever you want an influx of new clients, your family lawyers business can have them within a few clicks within your Google Ads account.