Search Engine Optimisation V’s Spam

But just in case you needed to be reassured, ZDNet brings us Google engineer Matt Cutts, with the big news that SEO is not equivalent to spam. Well, take it from us, we are very relieved to hear that!

It’s kind of silly for anybody to have confused the two in the first place, but hey, it’s a big world and we all can’t be computer geeks, right? Actually, like many computer facets, SEO can be used for good or bad. There is such a thing as black hat SEO, which uses ungainly hacks and naughty tricks to fool Google’s web spiders into finding your page to be tasty – but as almost everybody knows, these cheap tricks work for about five days and then

Google’s index drops you like a hot rock. Similarly, programming is nor “hacking”, but programs can be written with the intent of being hacker tools. Blogging is not propaganda, but blogs can be used to spread propaganda. OK, we’ll stop there.

SEO is not spam. Everybody clear?